B.J. Mendelson In The Press



Since 2005, B.J. Mendelson has had different campaigns and initiatives he’s done covered in the news. This page is a giant collection of media appearances he’s made across media from The New York Times to The Photo News, and everywhere in-between.



B.J. Mendelson Talking About Social Media Is Bullshit on CNN

B.J. Mendelson Appearing on Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien on CNN 


Post Social Media Is Bullshit

7.17.14: Appearance on The Dan Castricone Show on WTBQ 1110AM (Radio Appearance)

6.3.14: B.J. Mendelson talking about #AmtrakLive (Amtrak Official Blog)


B.J. Mendelson’s Social Media Is Bullshit Press Coverage



B.J. Mendelson appearing on CNBC to talk about Social Media Is Bullshit

B.J. Mendelson appearing on CNBC to talk about his book, Social Media Is Bullshit




Pre-Social Media Is Bullshit Coverage


B.J. Mendelson In A Front page story in the Watertown Daily Times About The Creation Of The Oscar Cohen Memorial Scholarship at SUNY Potsdam

B.J. Mendelson featured in The Watertown Daily Times



B.J. Mendelson Being Interviewed In Midland Texas By CBS 7 during the breast cancer tour talked about in social media is bullshit

B.J. Mendelson being interviewed for a segment on CBS 7 in Odessa, Texas