B.J. Mendelson’s Disclosures


Anyone who does business on the Internet should be honest about arrangements they have that could pose as a conflict of interest. It’s just way to easy to scam people on here, and although it’s a nice thought that “people can figure it out on their own”, based on my own history with America’s public education system … that’s not the case. Like, not at all.


That’s not to say people are dumb, they’re not, but when it comes to thinking critically about something they don’t often have to, you shouldn’t assume they will.


So. Hopefully I can start a trend here. In the interest of full disclosure, you should know that …


  • Business: My book, “Social Media Is Bullshit”, was published by St. Martin’s Press on September 4th, 2012. St. Martin’s Press is a division of Macmillan Publishers. I signed my contract with them in February of 2011. The research for Social Media Is Bullshit started in March of 2009 under the project name, “Soap Box Included”.


B.J. Mendelson signs his contract with St Martins Press to publish Social Media Is Bullshit

B.J. Mendelson signs the contract with St. Martin’s Press allowing them to publish Social Media Is Bullshit.


-Macmillan Speakers, also a division of Macmillan, books speaking engagements. You can call Macmillan Speakers at 855.414.1034


-I have absolutely no business relationship with the people at Togather. I just like the site and think, for students, it’s easier and less intimidating than calling a speakers bureau. So if you’re a college student, a professor, or someone who works at a school and wants to bring me to campus, you can also use Togather’s platform here.


-In the Summer of 2012, plans were made with ZippyKid.com to launch a 24 episode podcast called Is Social Media BS? As part of that agreement, I agreed to wear their merchandise during my press and speaking events and to promote them during the podcast for the first 24 episodes. Occasionally, you may also see my laptop in media reports and speaking events that has their stickers on it. The show was delayed for a variety of reasons, but should finally premier in the Summer of 2013 on SocialMediaIsBS.com. In exchange for show sponsorship and promotion at the conferences through 2012 and 2013, I received $5,000 that went toward paying my health insurance. Due to the divorce in May of 2012, I was on Empire Blue Cross via COBRA, which results in nearly $700 monthly health insurance bills.

I don’t usually enter into arrangements like this, but as it turned out, I needed heart surgery, and if not for the sponsorship, I would have lost the insurance coverage and would not have been able to get it.


  • This Website: Any time you see me reference a book or another product and link to Amazon, please note that it is an affiliate link. If you wind up purchasing the item, I make a small cut of that sale.


  • Stocks & Investments: I don’t own any stock at the moment, but two of my brothers are mentally disabled, and they are huge wrestling fans. I have plans of buying up as much WWE stock as I can for them. Having stock in WWE is simply a cool thing the three of us can enjoy together.


  • Charities: I am the youngest individual and the first student to create and endow a scholarship at SUNY Potsdam in the school’s nearly two-hundred-year history. The Oscar Cohen Memorial Scholarship is awarded each year to students enrolled in the Music Business program at the Crane School Of Music. The scholarship is named for my grandfather, Oscar Cohen, who passed away my first day at SUNY Potsdam in August of 2004. If in the event I make money some day, I hope to that I can turn the Oscar Cohen Memorial Scholarship into a full-ride scholarship, and also create scholarships for his wife, Lillian, and my Dad’s parents, Louis and Esther. Lillian’s scholarship would be at SUNY Potsdam. Louis and Esther’s will be at Alfred State College.


  • Religion: I have no religious affiliation. Neither does my family … although we still pretend to be Jewish. Well, they do. I’m an Atheist.


  • Politics: I don’t vote and couldn’t tell you what party I’m registered as. I think I might be a Republicrat?



  • Media: I may occasionally do freelance writing for different outlets, but that’s the extent of my relationship with those outlets. So, I do not represent the interests of any media outlets in any of my communications and vice versa. With me, what you see is what you get.


  • Places I’m Currently Contributing To: The Wall Street Journal’s Accelerators Blog, The Social Times, and NBCNews.com