Podcast: Unintended Consequences

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Show Notes:

Episode 5 of 22

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Unintended Consequences

Is it really possible for the government to protect you from misuse of your data by tech companies? In fairness, laws simply aren’t made fast enough to keep up with the pace of innovation, which means that some of the current situations is simply a case of unintended consequences. However, governments should act quickly to protect citizens going forward. Listen to the episode to learn more about how regulation can help.

Listen to today’s episode to hear more about the possibilities for such regulation and the ramifications of these laws.

Some highlights of today’s episode include:

● The Fair Credit Reporting Act prevents credit agencies from basing your credit score on social media or other data, but can’t stop your bank or landlord from using that information against you

● Tech companies claim that regulation stifles innovation, but this is disingenuous

● Algorithms are not magic, they’re just a list of instructions

● The importance of evaluating how much data the government actually needs to collect

● The importance of evaluating whether or not the government is keeping the data it collects safely.

● The importance of educating yourself about privacy so that you have the tools to protect yourself


“If the laws on the books suck, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. Until your country cracks the whip, you better believe the creepy stuff that tech and other companies pull around the world is also going to be pulled on you.”

“Big data doesn’t know why you do what you do. It just knows that you did it.”

“We should be compensated for our data. Our data, our choice.”

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