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FYI: There’s some funny, but still NSFW language in the audio edition of this book. So, be advised that if you are listening to this at work, you should use your headphones.

New episodes will run on the 1st and 15th of every month all through 2018.

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Show Notes:

Episode 6 of 22

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Big Trouble In Little Data

It’s not just the government collecting your data. Private companies are collecting data about you every day, and it’s worth a lot of money to them. Every time you log into a social media site, order something online, or use an internet connected device, you’re generating more data that private companies are harvesting.

It’s easy to be unaware of how many different ways your privacy is being eroded. In this episode, I’ll talk about the different kinds of data being collected and how it might be used.

Some highlights of today’s episode include:

  • How more data is used to create better algorithms, leading to more automation
  • How devices like Alexa or a self-driving car collect and share data
  • The twelve different types of data that companies are currently collecting
  • How Facebook’s data set of faces can be used in targeted advertising.

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