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Show Transcript

B.J. Mendelson: 00:11 Well, why don’t you tell us a little bit about who you are and what made you want to be a professional wrestler?

Eric Emanon: 00:16 So, I actually go by the name, uh, The Punk Rock Supernova of Professional Wrestling, Eric Emanon. Uh, I’ve been using that name … Well, the, the Eric Emanon name for just over ten years now, and the name itself actually started as a rib from my trainer. Um, I, I trained at a wrestling school out here in Rochester, New York. It was known as the Den Pro Wrestling Fight Academy and, uh, my first match was September 11th, 2004, and my promoter … Uh, the promoter of the show and the trainer both couldn’t figure out what they were gonna call me by. They were like, “Well, w- We’re gonna call you Eric, but we don’t know, like, Eric what?” And, uh, about four or five hours before the show, the, the … My trainer looks at me and he goes, “Alright, you’re, you’re Eric Emanon.” And I was like, “What does Emanon mean? Like, where did you even come up with that?”

B.J. Mendelson: 00:16 (laughs)

Eric Emanon: 01:00 And, uh, he goes, “It’s ‘no name’ backwards, so it’s spelled E-M-A-N-O-N, or if you look at it backwards, N-O-N-A-M-E.” And, uh, it was, it was a joke that turned out to be the best thing that could’ve happened to me because I just took it and I ran and I … As my trainer said, when, uh, I, I got a few years down the road, I ended up making a name out of no name, and so … (laughs)

B.J. Mendelson: 01:00 Nice.

Eric Emanon: 01:22 I’m pretty proud of that. Uh, you know, I’ve been in the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 500 with that name, so that’s, that’s something I’m pretty proud of. (laughs)

B.J. Mendelson: 01:29 (laughs) That’s very cool. What was that like, when you, uh, when you first looked at the, at the list and find yourself on there?

Eric Emanon: 01:35 D- It was mind-blowing, uh, because, you know, as a kid, the PWI 500 was something I’d always pick it up in … From my local store and, uh, I would just read it and I’d, I’d read the cool stories, the articles about the up-and-comers and stuff like that, and I’d always told my little brother, I was like, “One of my goals in my career is to make the PWI Top 500.” And, uh, my first year in it, I made 499, and so it was like, “You know what?

B.J. Mendelson: 01:57 Yeah.

Eric Emanon: 01:58 It’s, it’s … It’s on there. I’m still on there. I had my picture in there and everything and it was, it was a really surreal, cool moment that, you know, this, this magazine that’s distributed across the country, I’m in it. My picture’s in it. You know, they’re talking about my accomplishments over the year and the things that I’ve done, so, uh, it … It’s, it’s been an upward trend since then and I’m hoping, uh, this year when the PWI comes out, I’m higher than I was before.

B.J. Mendelson: 02:21 I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. (laughs) Now, what was your, uh … Tell us a little bit about your first match and who was it with?

Eric Emanon: 02:27 So, my first match was March 8th of 2008 and it was this, um, big old cluster match. It was a eight-man tag match and it was, uh, myself, Curtis Lee Walker, Billy Fox, and Chance Taylor against these guys, uh, Danny Magic, Papa Terry Cadillac, Super Beast, and Steve Davidson, and I remember standing in the back before our music … Yeah, because we were the … We opened the show. It was, it was, it was, uh, two students on one side, and then just a bunch of people in there that we’ve either trained with or were, uh, established in the area we were working, and I remember standing in back, like, shaking. I was nervous.

Eric Emanon: 03:04 I felt like I was gonna throw up and I still get that feeling from time to time now and I’ve been doing this, like I said, al- Over ten years now and, uh, I remember standing on the apron and getting tagged in and, on the other side of the ring, they tagged in this guy and they call him ‘Super Beast’. His name’s not a joke, either. He’s a big guy. It’s not, like, an ironic name, like calling a, you know, a big guy ‘Tiny’. No, this guy is legitimately Super Beast. He, uh, he was north of 350. Like … And he hits like a train and I remember I, I ran into the ring just full boar and he hit me with a forearm and I remember spinning off into the corner, and the entire time I was spinning, I was rethinking everything I had done up in my life until that point, uh, just because he had hit me so hard. (laughs)

B.J. Mendelson: 03:04 (laughs)

Eric Emanon: 03:46 Um, but yeah, you know, it was awesome, and then like a month later, I had my first singles match ever against this guy, [inaudible 00:03:52]. He was from, uh, the Philadelphia area and I, uh, deviated myself to him. Like, I broke my nose sideways on a Fisherman’s Suplex. I kneed my own self in the face, and then I gave myself a concussion, so I was like, “You know what? I’m on a roll now. Like, let’s keep this going and see, uh, see what else I can do.” But thankfully, that was the worst injury I’ve, I’ve had so far was breaking my nose sideways in this, this, like, high school academy. It was, like, a Christian academy and the promoter told us specifically, “No blood on the show.” And I remember hearing that crunch and putting my hand on my face and going, “Oh, that’s blood. That’s, that’s a lot of blood. Oh, no.” (laughs)
B.J. Mendelson: 04:29 (laughs) Oh, geez. Well, did they say anything to you after? Like, did they … Did the place …

Eric Emanon: 04:33 You know, if they did, I don’t remember. I w- I w- I, I got rocked. I got rocked hard-

B.J. Mendelson: 04:36 Yeah.

Eric Emanon: 04:37 -and I remember sitting in the back and having that moment of, “Who am I? Where am I? How did I get here? Okay. I’m at a wrestling show. What am I doing here? Okay, I’m wrestling. This is obviously my bag. Who am I?” And I remember people coming up and asking me if I was okay and I kept telling them I was okay, but like, in my brain, I’m just moving a million miles a minute, going, “I’m not okay. I’m so rocked right now.” (laughs)

B.J. Mendelson: 05:00 (laughs) Oh, man. Well, tell us what you have coming up. Like what, what dates do you have coming up [inaudible 00:05:04]?

Eric Emanon: 05:04 Yeah, I actually have a really big show coming up this Friday in Brockport, New York. It’s for the IWF. I’m actually defending my suicidal six-way championship against Rob Sweet and four other people who have yet to be named. Uh, the cool aspect about the suicidal six-way title is that, uh, I don’t know what match I’m in or who my opponents are essentially until I’m in the ring. That’s the whole stipulation behind the title. I’ve been the champion there for over a year now, um, and I’ve defended it against some of the top talent there, so I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to, uh, keep up tradition and, uh, walk out as the victor.

Eric Emanon: 05:36 Uh, I’ve got some other big stuff coming up outside of New York state. Uh, you’ll be able to see me in Fremont, Ohio next weekend, on the 23rd. Uh, we are going to be in a … Uh, it’s a three-way tag match, uh, with myself and my tag partner, Thomas Brewington. Uh, I’m back in Ohio on the 7th, and Rhode Island on the 13th of July, so it’s, um, it’s pretty busy. Lots of traveling and I’m, uh, I’m really looking forward to, uh, logging those miles. (laughs)

B.J. Mendelson: 06:04 That sounds fantastic. But … So, it’s a … That’s a suicidal six-way?

Eric Emanon: 06:08 Yeah, it’s suicidal six-way-

B.J. Mendelson: 06:08 Nice.

Eric Emanon: 06:09 -championship, so it’s, uh, any six-way stipulation you can think of. We’ve done scrambles. We’ve done gauntlets. We’ve done … Uh, we actually haven’t done, like, an over-the-top, like-

B.J. Mendelson: 06:20 Okay.

Eric Emanon: 06:20 -Battle Royale style yet, so I’m, I’m curious as to if that may be coming up. Um, you know, we’ve, we’ve done a ton of different things for it. Uh, we did a shackles match at one point, where, uh, we s- It was essentially, uh, a poor man’s elimination chamber.

We were all kind of shackled to the corners and the outside of the ring, uh, four of us were, and then you had two guys who were starting in the ring and every … I think it was like a minute and a half, they unlocked somebody. So, it got, it got crazy pretty quick.

B.J. Mendelson: 06:45 That sounds awesome. (laughs)

Eric Emanon: 06:46 It’s …

B.J. Mendelson: 06:47 I gotta check this out.

Eric Emanon: 06:48 Yeah, it’s, it’s a lot of fun. Like I said, that’s Brockport, New York. That’s at the Elks Lodge there on, uh … It’s like 4400 Sweden Walker Road, Brockport, New York, 14420. They sell tickets at the door. Um …

B.J. Mendelson: 06:48 Okay.

Eric Emanon: 06:59 And the one thing I want people to know, man, is, like, the indie shows are absolutely the place to be right now. I mean, you can get tickets for sometimes 10 to 15 bucks a person, and you get the opportunity to see some of the best up-and-comers in the business. Um, you know, y- People swoon over guys on NXT, but they don’t realize that they’ve got ten years in the business on the independent scene and, uh …

B.J. Mendelson: 06:59 Right.

Eric Emanon: 07:22 I just, I just feel like people, uh, [inaudible 00:07:25] come up and s- Get what they deserve, so, you know, people need to go watch good wrestling. If they’re not happy with what they’re seeing on TV, you know, there’s always those guys on the indies who are ready to kill themselves for a hot dog and a handshake, you know?

B.J. Mendelson: 07:35 Yeah. No, that … That’s, that’s why I’m doing this show.
Eric Emanon: 07:38 (laughs) And I, I, I appreciate it. I really do, man.
B.J. Mendelson: 07:41 Where can we find you online? Like, do you, do you prefer people follow you on Twitter or where …

Eric Emanon: 07:44 Oh, yeah. I’m all over the place. Um, I’ve got a Twitter. It’s @EricEmanon. You can find me on Instagram, @ICM_Emanon. Uh, you can find me on Facebook. Uh, it’s facebook.com/ericemanonprowrestling. Uh, you can follow all of my stuff on there. I’ve got YouTube. You can find me on YouTube. If you’re into video games, I’m doing a ton of video game stuff, uh, with [inaudible 00:08:08] Gaming right now. We play Fortnite every week, so … (laughs)

B.J. Mendelson: 07:44 Nice.

Eric Emanon: 08:14 Uh, that’s … It’s the one way I keep in touch with my wrestling brothers on the road. Uh, you know, we … We’re from all over the place. Some of, some of my guys that I travel with, they’re Buffalo, New York. I’ve got some in Jersey, um, some in Ohio, some in PA, so it’s just … We’re all over the place and, uh, we keep in touch and, uh, we, we, we keep together and our friendships going, uh, via video games, so it’s …

B.J. Mendelson: 08:14 Yep.

Eric Emanon: 08:34 It’s pretty awesome.

B.J. Mendelson: 08:35 (laughs) That’s fantastic. Hey, uh, one more thing. I know that you have a Pro Wrestling Tee store. Is that true?

Eric Emanon: 08:39 I do.

B.J. Mendelson: 08:40 Uh, what’s the link for that?

Eric Emanon: 08:41 Oh, it’s a Por Wres- Pro Wrestling Tees. I think it’s, uh, /ericemanon, if I’m not mistaken. Let me, let me double-check that. Yeah, it’s, uh … I’ve … I had one of those when they let a … They had, like, an open enrollment for Pro Wrestling Tees and I got so excited and I submitted it because I’m, I’m all about, you know, taking your shot-

B.J. Mendelson: 09:01 Right.

Eric Emanon: 09:01 -and, uh, that was … Yeah, it’s prowrestlingtees.com/ericemanon, and, um … You know, I just kinda took my shot with that and it, it was great. (laughs) Because I was able to get on there and that, that was another accomplishment of mine, um, that, that we had. I also have a Teespring store, where I, uh …

B.J. Mendelson: 09:01 Okay.

Eric Emanon: 09:20 I’ve released all of my old tee shirts that are no longer either on Pro Wrestling Tees or I don’t carry them at indie shows anymore, um, and that’s teespring. com/stores/icmediaoutlet, so you can find that there and, uh, I pick up some of the, uh, classic teas as well.

B.J. Mendelson: 09:38 That’s great. I’ll make sure to include all the links in the show notes, too, so people can click on it.

Eric Emanon: 09:42 Awesome. I appreciate that.

B.J. Mendelson: 09:43 Yeah, well thank you so much for joining us.

Eric Emanon: 09:44 Thank you for having me.

B.J. Mendelson: 09:45 Alright, have a good one.

Eric Emanon: 09:46 You, too.

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