She-Hulk: My Second Chance (Part 1)

There’s no way to write this without someone being like, “You’re just mad your version of the She-Hulk TV show is not getting made.” So, I want to nip that right in the bud before going any further. I am THRILLED about the upcoming Disney+ She-Hulk show. It has terrific writers, Tatiana Maslany is wonderful and, as any Clone Club member can tell you, capable of great range. And I have no doubt the show’s production and execution will be on par with the Marvel films if WandaVision is anything to go by.

As a card-carrying member of Clone Club, and one of the people that was responsible for the marketing of Orphan Black: The Next Chapter over at Serial Box, believe me when I say I can’t wait to see Tatiana SMASH.

That said, I have always wanted to write a successful run of She-Hulk comics for Marvel. It’s on my vision board, which is a hilarious thing to say out loud to complete strangers on the Internet, but no less true. And part of that desire to work on the character involved my TV pitch for She-Hulk.

So, I didn’t want that material to go to waste either. And that, my friends, is why this post and series exists.

Cool? Just want to make sure everyone hears me on that because on the Internet, everything tends to become “a thing” and I want no part of that bullshit. I’m just here to share something that you will hopefully like, and Disney won’t freak the fuck out over.

(Stating the obvious: She-Hulk is the property of Marvel Comics and Disney. That’s why the comic will only be eight pages. I’m hoping it’s small enough to be considered a fan thing and I’ll be left alone to share it with you freely. She-Hulk won’t be in the public domain until at least 2080, and I’ll be dead at that point. OR. I’ll be a half-97-year-old Jewish Man, half cyborg. Which should probably be a comic book in its own right. I can punch white supremacists with my cyborg arm and complain about the air conditioning all at the same time.)

She-Hulk: My Second Chance

In most, not all, circumstances, something that makes for terrible comics are projects that couldn’t get made as movies or TV shows being retrofitted into the comics format. My pitch for She-Hulk wasn’t far enough along where I had to worry about taking a TV script and trying to cram it into a comic script format. While similar, a good way to make an artist want to strangle you is to give them a TV script and be like, “Go draw it.”

Comics have their own language, and a comic script is more of a discussion between you and an artist than it is a specific set of dialogue, actions, and scenes to be filmed. So I have enough of the pieces where I’m able to change this into a comic without having to worry too much about a loss in quality. Or so I think, you can all let me know when you read the thing.

That brings us to why you’re all here in the first place: For free, right here on this very website, I will be sharing an eight-page mini-comic starring She-Hulk called “My Second Chance”. This blog series will be me giving you a behind the scenes look at the making of the comic, and then a director’s commentary of the comic once it’s done. The title of the series comes from issue #15 of the original Savage She-Hulk run from 1980. Specifically, it’s the last panel in that issue:

From Issue #15 of The Savage She-Hulk (Marvel Comics, Volume 1, 1981)

If you’re familiar with the original She-Hulk run, she spends issue #2 through #17 on the run from her father, the LA County Sheriff, and the LAPD. They think she killed her best friend (she didn’t), crippled someone else (she did), and rampant property destruction (she totally did that too.)

One of the things I’ve always wanted to see with She-Hulk, that you don’t see too often in the comics, is more of that in-between phase where she’s still figuring things out, both as She-Hulk and as Jennifer Walters. These days you see her either completely savage or completely accomplished as both a superhero and a lawyer. I’d like a little bit of both. So, this story takes place between issues #2 and #17 of The Savage She-Hulk before her name is cleared by the LAPD.

And so, my pitch for a She-Hulk TV show was: “What if we did She-Hulk like Better Call Saul?” What does that look like? You’ll have to stick around and find out. But first … We have a cover to reveal.

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