Goal: Get Staffed on a TV Show in 2022

Last update: 11.18.21

I’ve always wanted to write for television. The problem was, I was always busy. Sometimes writing non-fiction books. Other times doing my (old) day job as a high priced marketing consultant.

These days, I FINALLY have some time to do what I want. So I set the goal of getting staffed on a television show this time next year (June 2022) as a writer.

In order to do that, I wanted to put together five scripts between now and the end of December.

Four originals, and one spec script. I’ll link to the scripts below as I finish them.

I have no idea if I’ll reach my goal or not, but on the plus side? You’ll have some fun stuff to read from me.

TV Scripts

Spec Script: American Dad (Finished!)

Original: A Little Perspective (Finished!) (Live action, mixed media, dramedy, limited series)

Original: Spider-Man: White Rabbit* (Finished!) (Animation, comedy, limited series)

Original: Title TBD (up next) (live action, multi-cam comedy)

Original: Pitfall (up next) (animation, comedy)

*This is sort of an original. It involves all the Spider-Man characters and is set in the Marvel Universe. So it’s an original script, but it’s using characters I don’t own.

And just for fun… I’ll be adding the story boards based on the White Rabbit script for you to enjoy.

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