How Not To Waste Your 4 Best Hours Every Day


If you’re here for all the sweet, sweet, YouTube guidance, I’m not going to waste your time. It’s waiting for you here.

I’ve put a TON of work into that guide over the weekend, so if you saw it last week, it’s bigger and better now.

That’s all I got this week on the marketing front.

So go check out How to Make $1M From YouTube in 3 Years or Less.

I’m going to spend the rest of this email giving you an update on WAYWO.TV and then I’ll leave you with the one small step for the week, which is how not to waste those four hours of high productivity time.


WAYWO.TV Updates

Ok! So I’ve reached out to a few potential partners, and my plan is to release all 200 episodes starting in October.

This only covers the podcast version of the show.

I need to find another partner to specifically cover the cost of the video editing for the video side of things.

So, almost every day, new episodes of the show will drop.

That was always the plan but …

We should have had more episodes released by now.

There’s no excuse.

Well, there are, but I don’t want to be that dude.

So, if there’s a lesson here (there always is) it’s that sometimes you circle back to your original idea when the time is right for that idea.

Sometimes the time just isn’t right.

I have NO doubt you have something that comes to mind that you really wanted to make happen.

But you just couldn’t.

But then later … The time was right and you got to give that project all of the time and attention you wanted to give it days or even years ago.

I REALLY wanted to do a daily show.

The world is just so shitty that I thought, for twenty minutes a day, I can entertain creators with stories from their fellow creators.

Look out for more on this soon. Thank you for sticking with me.

The show is going to go on hiatus while these episodes air and I’m basically going to reboot it so that we don’t have budget issues like the ones we encountered the first time through.

Here’s Your One Small Step

You Only Have 4,000 Weeks

That’s it.

That’s all anyone gets.

And depending on how old you are when you’re reading this, you may have way less than that.

I hope you live forever.

But science doesn’t.

(I’m kidding! Science is awesome. Anti-science people can get fucked and unsubscribe from this newsletter immediately.)

But here’s a funny thing about those 4,000 weeks …

On any given day, we know that the average person only has four hours of maximum concentration.

After four, you’re going to produce shit work. That’s according to many, many cognitive researchers and scientists.

And four is on the high end. Most people really only have three, and the fourth is something you have to build up to.

So if you don’t want to waste those four hours, you first have to remember that you only have 4,000 weeks worth of life in you.

Once you wrap your head around this and made the corresponding life changes that such an acknowledgment would involve, then you can get rid of a lot of your distractions.

Because now you’re aware of how little time you have left.

Once you’ve tuned out those distractions, get a piece of paper, write down the four things you need to do, and dedicate one of your hours to each of them.

(Ok. It’s really 45 minutes and then a 15-minute break. But you can go the full 60 minutes. I encourage it! But you have to build up to 60 minutes first.)

I’m not saying don’t do anything else that day. But I am saying you only have those four slots to get the important things done with the time and attention they deserve.

So plan those four hours carefully. They don’t have to be all in a row (although I’m finding for me it’s better that I use them in the morning.)

Whatever you can do with your schedule. Wherever you can carve out four hours. Find them. Use them. And don’t waste them again.

Because you have fewer than you think.


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