How To Write The Perfect YouTube Description For All Your Videos


Like the title of this email says, I spent a lot of time this weekend on what will eventually become an e-book people will pay for concerning YouTube.

But not you. Lucky email subscribers. You get to read the first version of it here for free as I work on it.

There’s a long way to go before I’m done with the book, but I’m really happy with how this has come together so far.

This week, I wrote about 9,000 words under where it says “How to Write The Perfect YouTube Description”.

There, I break down all 8, yes, 8 sections required for your YouTube videos in order for YouTube to see, and more importantly, sort and distribute, your video on their platform.

Ok. That’s all the time I have this week. There are a couple of things coming I really want to share with you. But. In order to do so, I … Gotta go work on those things, you know?

So until next week, can you do me a favor? I wrote this week’s email at the request of one of your fellow readers, who asked me about how to format a YouTube Description properly.

What questions do you have on growing and developing your audience that I can help answer next time?

Write me back and let me know.


P.S. Joining me on WAYWO.TV this week is Dr. Seema Yasmin. You may have seen Dr. Yasmin on CNN as a medical correspondent. She is a doctor, journalist, and epidemiologist. We had a great discussion about her work and her new book, “What The Fact?” which is now out this month for people to buy.

I hope you’ll come listen to the episode here or where all podcasts can be found.

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