Man In Sky Chair Reveals Secret For Writing Infinite Headlines


This week I wanted to try something different.

Here is a link to a Loom Video where I demonstrate how to use Portent’s Idea Generator.

Why should you use this tool?

-The first tweet in a Twitter Thread should be an attention getting headline.

-The first sentence in your YouTube video, unless you’re answering a specific question, should be an attention getting headline.

-If you want more people to open your emails, your subject line should be an attention getting headline.

That’s why learning how to use the Idea Generator is so important.

Going into 2023, the best way to capture and grow your audience is:

-Email to communicate with your audience directly

-Use Twitter to get your audience’s attention in the first place

-And use YouTube to teach / demonstrate the thing that you’re working on in order to build a relationship with them.

All three require you to be VERY good at writing headlines. So, I thought it was worth showing off some of these tools.

I’ll have more next week.


P.S. Over at WAYWO.TV I am joined by comic book legend Terry Moore, who is the creative force behind the creator-owned series, “Strangers In Paradise.”

We’re still working to get as many WAYWO.TV episodes out as we can. The looming recession isn’t making this easy, but we are trying our best.

P.P.S. I am still updating the Twitter and YouTube guides, but neither of them got a substantial enough update to share them again with you this week. I am hoping to finish the Twitter Guide by the end of the month.

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