You Are Not a Goldfish


I do a lot of reading about attention.

And there’s this myth I keep encountering.

You’ve ABSOLUTELY heard it before.

“People have a shorter attention span than your average goldfish.”

The thing is, you’re not a goldfish.

Your attention is entirely dependent on what you’re doing.

Your attention is short on the Internet because most people use the Internet mindlessly.

When you watch a movie, your attention span is just fine.

It’s only when you’re doing mindless shit that your attention span shrinks.

And that happens to protect how much cognitive bandwidth you actually have each day.

Which is about four hours.

But usually it’s only three for most people.

So, just an FYI.

That 8-second attention span thing is bullshit.

You are not a goldfish.


New Privacy Podcast

We’re getting ready to launch Stupid Sexy Privacy.

This will be a 23 episode podcast miniseries where I share tips on how to protect yourself from Fascists and Weirdos on the Internet.

If you’re subscribed to WAYWO.TV (if not, you can fix that here) you’ll get this miniseries delivered to you every Thursday morning at 9am.

Regular episodes of WAYWO.TV will continue running on Wednesday morning at 9am.

I’m still working on getting an advertiser to help us out with the engineering costs behind WAYWO.TV so that we can go daily. I’ll keep you posted in this space.

But for now, here’s your actionable marketing advice for the week …


Say Less: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Audience on Twitter

-I finished the first part of the Twitter Guide.

So, everything you need to protect your sanity, and your privacy, while putting together a successful Twitter account is now here.

-One of the big additions this week to the guide was the section on Mental Health.

-There’s also a section in there now for why you’d want a burner account and how to set one up using Burner or … a literal burner phone.

I have a love-hate relationship with Burner Accounts. On one hand, they’re not a great idea because you will eventually out yourself with them.

But on the other, they could be the best, most secure way to “lurk” on Twitter and follow conversations you’re interested in without giving up who you are.

The choice is yours.


Over on the YouTube Guide

-Unlike the Twitter Guide, I haven’t moved the YouTube guide to the website. There’s a very specific reason for this (it involves my efforts to get a sponsor for WAYWO.TV). You can still access the full guide right here on Google Docs.

-I spent a ton of time on YouTube Shorts this week. So, literally everything short of me making the YouTube Short for you can now be found in the section titled, “Tips for Filming: YouTube Shorts”.


That’s all the time we have this week. Send me any marketing-related questions you have, and I may answer them here in an upcoming edition of the newsletter.


P.S. This week on WAYWO.TV, I am joined by the author of the fantastic, “Secret Identity”, Alex Segura.

Alex was also a comics editor over at Archie Comics, so we spend a bunch of time going deep into that stuff too.

A lot of people forget, but for millions of Americans, sometimes the only comic book they saw were Archie collections sold at supermarkets.

For my fellow Xennials and Gen X friends, you’ll dig this one.

Come listen to the show here.

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