Glorious 3-Year Plan Makes All Comrades Millionaires. No BS. (Ok. Maybe Little BS)


I went down with a migraine yesterday. It’s that time of year, you know?

The weather’s changing so heads are hurting. At least, that’s the saying in the Mendelson Home.

If you like to gamble, I average 4-6 migraines per month.

So reply to this email with your guess of how many migraines I’ll have this month.

I will pick one person at random who guessed correctly a $10 Amazon gift card.


Ok. Here’s what I got for you this week. Short and sweet since I’m not feeling too hot:

Glorious 3-Year Plan to Make All Comrades Millionaires aka the YouTube e-book.

I spent a ton of time updating the YouTube e-book.

This is the step-by-step guide to growing a YouTube channel and using it to make a million dollars.

There are still several large sections missing, like how to edit videos using, but we’re about halfway done.

You can check out the e-book here for free as I’m writing it.


Also, no. “Glorious 3-Year Plan” is not the official title of the e-book.

I just thought it was really funny if that’s what the book WAS called.

The business press doesn’t have a sense of humor though.

Also, you may make money way faster than in 3 years, but a conservative estimate (assuming you do what the book says) should take someone about three years.

In year 2, you ideally would reach $30-40k in affiliate revenue through your videos.

Then in year 3, that’s when your earnings potential will be highest for any number of things, but namely, selling your own products. Don’t worry. The e-book will cover that too.

When the e-book is done, it will cover everything. My hope is that anyone can pick it up and use it to get some extra cash.

Why? Because the world needs more art. Art builds empathy, and we have a severe empathy shortage out there.

The problem is, you need time to make good art. So I’m hopeful the extra cash will help people get their time back.


I have one more thing for you: Don’t forget the Twitter guide.

I know I said I’d only give you one thing each week to check out. But I’m breaking my rule because the Twitter Guide is coming together faster than expected.

There’s a huge new section in there about how to protect yourself from fascists and weirdos. A pretty big problem, and one that will get worse if and when Elon Musk gets his hands on Twitter.

My hope is to finish both the Twitter Guide and the YouTube e-book by the end of this month.

I’ll do my best to stay on track, but like the email said at the start, it’s also migraine season.


P.S. We have a full week of episodes dropping over at WAYWO.TV, including my interview with showrunner Mike Royce and the author Alex Segura.

I hope you’ll come listen to the show.

We’re working toward releasing on a daily schedule. This week might be the first week we do that successfully.

So I’m excited to get all of these episodes out and in your ears where they belong.

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