Twitter Is The New MySpace, But You Shouldn’t Leave Just Yet


Could you give me a minute to talk about Twitter?

I’m working on this huge guide on how to grow your audience on Twitter.

But. Elon Musk succeeded in buying the app.

So the question I’m asking myself is:

Is this like telling people to use Myspace after Justin Timberlake bought it?

Because you know Space Karen is going to mess it up.

It’s inevitable.


You and I ALSO know that most people quitting Twitter right now will be back in a year …

So, a lot of the wind in my sails for this Twitter thing is gone.

You tell me.

Reply to this email and tell me if I should finish the guide.


Today’s Lesson

The next step you’re going to take with your audience data is to see if you can niche down.

In my example, you can see I just did a search for people in general who most often talk about comic books.

This is great, but …

The audience is way too big.

So we need to niche down.

The goal of niching down is to find the smallest group of people possible that you can sell something to profitably.

There are two steps to doing this.

We’ll talk about the first one this week.

The first step is to pick a location.

So, in SparkToro, you’re going to click on Add Location and then run the same search you did last week.

In the example we’re following, I’m now looking for people who most frequently talk about comic books and also live in Los Angeles.

That shrank SparkToro’s results from over 26,000 to about 846.

That might not seem like a profitable niche.


It’s a REALLY good place to start developing a customer avatar.

And more importantly, we now have a pool of people to reach out to in order to conduct customer interviews.

Sorry, my fellow antisocial friends, but we’re going to have to talk to people to validate our assumptions.

Until then, look carefully at the SparkToro data.

What is it telling you about your audience?

For me, the data says my ideal audience likes comedy (the top three hidden gems suggestions are all LA area comedy clubs), they’re mostly men, they read Variety, and listen to Jon Reads Comics.

In that group, I want to find ten people who fit my ideal customer persona.

So this week, see if you can find those ten people for the thing you want to sell.


More next week. I have to keep this short.

I’ve got a cold coming from my trip to Orlando.

Lesson learned: You should keep wiping down the surfaces of your hotel room when you check-in.

Don’t assume it was done because sometimes …

It wasn’t.


P.S. WAYWO.TV is all new this week. So is our special report, “Stupid Sexy Privacy”.

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Give it a listen.

Or don’t.

I’m not your supervisor.

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