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Plan To Stick Around on Twitter? Make Sure You Read This.

In the not-too-distant future, Twitter will stop working.

The short version of that story is this: Musk fired a ton of people responsible for maintaining the system. And, so far anyway, has made or announced zero plans to keep Twitter from slowly becoming inoperable. (You can read more about how Twitter will slowly fall apart her.)

So, if you plan to go down with the ship, here are four important things you should be doing:

1. Once Musk activates his Blue Badges, set your Tweets to Private.


Musk’s Twitter Blue plan will allow anyone who pays the $8 priority access. What that means is that you’ll see their Tweets and DMs first. It’s also possible these will be the only Tweets you see. (Musk’s plan is nebulous, to put it politely.)

But the point is this: You can now pay $8 to harass anyone you want. And given Twitter no longer has any sort of content and moderation team, there’s really nothing you can do about this harassment.

If you protect your tweets, only your followers will be able to see and interact with them.

Yes. This will limit your reach (followers won’t be able to retweet your posts), but if you’re not paying the $8, your reach is going to be limited anyway. So it’s kind of a wash as far as I’m concerned.

This is also a good opportunity to prune your followers list. Remember: Not everyone who follows you is a friend. Remove anything that looks like a bot or seems suspect.

2. Turn on 2FA and use authenticator app or (better) @Yubico key.

If you haven’t already done so, make sure you turn on 2FA (Two Factor Authentication.) This will make it harder for someone to break into your account and pretend that they are you. (And remember, Twitter no longer has a Trust and Safety team. So, if this happens, you’re basically shit out of luck.)

Don’t use SMS for your 2FA though. SMS, the thing that powers your text messages is an old and very cool/accessible technology. But because it’s old and so accessible, there are a bunch of ways to break it.

You want to secure your Twitter account using 2FA and the Google Authenticator App. This app will provide you with a code to verify your identity as you log in.

For maximum security, you can use a Yubikey, which is a physical key that is required to log into your Twitter account from a new or unrecognized device.

3. Download your Data Archive.

If you’re looking to download all your old tweets, and other data the service has gathered on you over the years, you can do so by requesting your Data Archive.

This is good to do if you follow my last step and start actively deleting your tweets regularly.

This is also good if you plan on nuking your account at some point.

4. Use Tweet delete or Tweetdeleter to delete tweets after 3 days.

Deleting your tweets regularly, especially if you ignore my advice about locking your account, will accomplish a couple of things:

-It’ll limit the opportunity for bad actors to target and harass you over old tweets.

-It’ll also make Twitter less valuable for Musk, since he needs your old tweets to compile data on you that’s provided to Twitter’s advertisers. No tweets, no data for him to mine and sell.

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