How To Find, and Pitch, Your Stuff to Journalists Using Spark Toro


We are live on Beehiiv!  

Here is an extensive recap video of what we covered thus far with SparkToro. If you’re just joining us, in this video I cover:

How to identify your audience. How to shrink that audience down to a manageable size for data gathering purposes.Where to find your audience and how to incentivize them to participate in a survey.How to find journalists on SparkToro, and then how to pitch them.

It’s a 20-minute video this week, so watch it in parts if you’re busy. 

I have more to say, but honestly, I’m still behind on literally everything. So that’s all for this week.

Remember to reply to this email and send me any questions you might have about promoting your stuff.

I may answer your questions in an upcoming edition of this very newsletter.

Be cool.


P.S. The election may be over, but there’s a ton of stuff you should know about when it comes to preserving our democracy, both here and around the world.


On WAYWO.TV this month, we have episodes from Tech Won’t Save Us podcast host, Paris Marx, Americans for Tax Fairness’s Maura Quint, and Rob Richie, whose organization has been responsible for pushing for Rank Choice Voting.

All of those episodes, and so much more, now available where all podcasts can be found. Just search for What Are You Working On? or click here to listen.

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