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Do You Have 5 Minutes Today To Protect Yourself From DEATH?


I’m going to keep today’s newsletter short, because I want you to watch something instead.

Last week, I told you how important it is to be able to tell stories. 

The kind that gets your foot in the door.

Some of you asked, “Ok smart ass. I get that I need to tell stories to get and keep people’s attention. That’s the heart of selling something. But …

Where do I get stories to tell?

The answer is simple, and it’ll just take you five minutes a day.

I’ll let the author of “Storyworthy”, Matthew Dicks, explain:


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Upcoming episodes include how to protect yourself while dating online, how to keep your spending and money secure, and what to do when the fascists and weirdos come for you.

Come listen.

P.P.S. As Matthew Dicks explains in the video above, if you spend just five minutes a day lightly documenting the things that happen to you, you’ll never lose another day in your life.

Documenting your stories is how you live forever. 

So make sure you do it.

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