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I’m pretty sure I’ve appeared on and in almost all of the major American (and Canadian) media outlets at this point. Multiple times, in some instances. What follows below are the links that I can find dating back to 2007, but there’s probably more. If you find a broken link below, the website can likely be retrieved by using the Way Back Machine.

If you want to interview me, or get a quick quote concerning privacy, branding, social media, or self-help, all you have to do is email me at with PRESS in the subject line. If you’re on a deadline, put the time you need a response by too so I know to get right on it.


Privacy: And How We Get It Back / Vengeance, Nevada

Interviews where I only talk about my comic book will have (Comic Book) at the end of the entry.

Testing New Stuff


Social Media Is Bullshit

  • 7.17.14: Appearance on The Dan Castricone Show on WTBQ 1110AM (Radio Appearance)

laughing at iran

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