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–Social Media Is Bullshit (St. Martin’s Press): Purchase here

(Note: The first edition of Social Media Is Bullshit is almost out of print. If you would like a .pdf copy, you can download one by clicking here. This .pdf is yours to post, share, or distribute however you’d like. All I ask is that if you post it somewhere, please link back to so people can see the updates to the book as I make them.)

–Privacy: And How to Get It Back (Curious Reads): Purchase here

Preview of B.J.’s first fiction novel: “A Christmas Carol”

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Preview for B.J.’s short story: “Cold Hilarious Fate”

Preview chapter part 1.

Preview chapter part 2.

Comic Books

Vengeance, Nevada (Comixology): Purchase here

A National Story of Minor Significance (Comixology): Purchase here

Praise for Vengeance, Nevada:

“A trippy sci-fi thriller, Vengeance, Nevada #1 cleverly steers in different directions, keeping readers guessing right till the very last page.” – Jorge Solis, Villain Media

“Vengeance, Nevada is a breath of fresh air in comics. A worthy indie comic with strong female characters and an interesting story that will keep you wanting more.” – Cainan, Geek Vibes Nation

“Vengeance, Nevada takes you on a trippy journey from post-apocalyptic Nevada to a futuristic Chicago. Captivating from the start, there’s not a dull moment and the superheroes are such an unexpected mix of misfit characters that I cannot wait to see how they team up to save the world that he’s created!” – Kristel Yeager, Geeks World Wide.

“I think this book is extremely well done with an interesting plot. You can’t just blow through the issue and be done with it. You have to think about what you’ve read as the lines are blurred between mystery comic, horror comic, and superhero comic.  Vengeance, Nevada #1 sucks you right in and brings us a whole new level to the average superhero comic. Final verdict?  Pick it up. Very much worth the read and only hope that the next chapter isn’t too far away.” -Ryan McLelland, 2G1 Reviews

“There is something to be said about the ambition, world-building, and smattering of genre elements for which Vengeance, Nevada aims.” – Joshua Davison, Bleeding Cool

“Vengeance, Nevada encompasses many of the things I love about indie comics. New characters ripe for exploring, art that’s raw yet easy to follow, and a story that feels fresh because it’s told in a world free from the constraints writing for the Big Two present.” – Stephen Gustafson, 411 Mania

“Piotr Czaplarski’s art snatches you in with the black and white and traps you in with the bright blue eyes of Kristen Jacobs. It’s almost like she’s looking into your soul from the comic.” -Mark Lynch, Bam! Smack! Pow!

“As someone who reviews indie comics, I often see a lot of surprising ideas. Yet comics themselves that actually surprise me are few and far between. VENGEANCE, NEVADA #1 is one of them.” – Jeremiah Johnson, Comicsverse

Vengeance, Nevada #1 is honestly rather enjoyable. While the art might throw you off for a second (at max) you get used to it as you continue to read the issue. Czaplarski does a fantastic job at the lettering and art in this issue. Without a doubt, some of the finest black and white art I have seen in the comic book medium.” – The Daily Fandom

“If “All Will Be Judged,” I pronounce Vengeance, Nevada guilty of entrapment.” – James Kenney, What’cha Reading?

Want more free comics? You can check out a bunch of new ones I’m working on right here.

Praise for Social Media Is Bullshit

“B.J. isn’t saying that all social media is worthless–he’s saying far too much of the chatter and hype about it is. Read this book to hear from someone who actually knows what they’re talking about.” ―Ryan Holiday, bestselling author of Trust Me I’m Lying and former Director of Marketing at American Apparel

“In his absorbing and provocative new book, Social Media is Bullshit, Mendelson, a former marketing guy, is pulling back the curtain on what happens when you’re inveigled into having a ‘social media presence’ by people who, as luck would have it, will show you exactly how for an often exorbitant fee.” ―Chris Lombardo, The Toronto Star

“I’ve been telling everyone for years that social media is just the same bullshit we’ve always done sped up 1000 times. Finally someone’s laid it all out in book form.” ―Drew Curtis, founder of and author of It’s Not News, It’s FARK: How Mass Media Tries to Pass off Crap as News

“Passionate… This work should provide useful ammunition for readers skeptical about the new networks linking the people of the 21st century” ―Publishers Weekly

“A thought-provoking counterpoint to the myriad books on the usefulness of social media for business promotion. Anyone interested in the true impact of social media will find it of interest.” ―Poppy Johnson-Renvall, Central New Mexico Comm. Coll., Albuquerque (Library Journal)

“This small book packs a welcome, refreshing punch.” ―Kirkus Review

“Social Media Is Bulls*** is common sense applied to hype, often in a very funny way. […] If you enjoy watching bulls*** being taken apart, it’s a great read.” ―Dan Seitz, Uproxx

“Thoughtful and provocative… If you’re a social media junkie, read it and weep.” ―New York Journal of Books

Praise for “Privacy: And How We Get It Back”

For readers who haven’t engaged with the issue before and aren’t aware of how their online data is being used by private companies for profit, Mendelson’s book will be an eye-opener. – Publisher’s Weekly

Praise for “A National Story of Minor Significance”

“With unsettling honesty about his superheroine in distress fetish, suicidal thoughts and the steps he takes to learn to compartmentalize his cluttered past and let it go, A National Story of Minor Significance is a change in pace from the preachy, feel good guru books on the shelves. For anyone struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts or bad habits like clinging to the past, BJ Mendelson and his Wonder-Woman clad sidekick walk you through his journey and simple steps to move on to your future.” – Sirens of Sequentials