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For Speaking Engagements, please contact Macmillan Speakers Bureau: 646-307-5058 or by email at*

*A lot of people tend to skip talking to Macmillan and talk to me directly to book stuff, so I answered a lot of questions below on that front. Read those before getting in touch.

For writer-related inquiries, please contact Dan Mandel at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates: 212-206-5600 or by email at

If you want to bulk purchase copies of “Social Media is Bullshit”, you can contact Sara Thwaite at St. Martin’s Press at


Before reaching out here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

I want you to write for me, what do you charge?

$1 per word.

I want to hire you to do consulting, what do you charge?

$200 an hour.

I’m a college professor and want you to speak to my class, but I don’t have a budget. Is that cool?

Yes! I’ll do it for free, in person if I’m in town, and if not, I use Zoom.Us to do video conferencing with college classes. The sound and video quality is really good and you don’t have to download or do anything extra.

I continue to be amazed by the number of colleges that use “Social Media is Bullshit” in the classroom. So, college professors, you have my thanks.

I’m a small-ish organization / civic group, will you speak for free too?

If I’m in town already, yes.

If I’m planning to be in town when you’re doing your event, of course.

If I’m not in town and you have a couch for me to sleep on, I’ll do it if someone pays the travel cost. (If you don’t want me on your couch, you’ll have to pay for the hotel room.)

The bottom line is that I’ll generally go anywhere and speak to everyone, but for a few years I was doing this and putting myself in a hole financially. I can’t do that anymore, so I think it’s reasonable to say I’ll go anywhere and do anything as long as I don’t lose money on it.

I want you to speak at my big event, will you do it for free?

I do not charge a speaker’s fee.

I’m going to repeat that since it seems to surprise people.

I do not charge a speaker’s fee.

Why? Because I know I’m good at what I do and I tend to pick up work from doing speaking engagements. (That’s how I wound up giving a presentation for the president of Subaru North America and his executive team, which I like to joke, lead to the firing of their CMO and their best year ever in 2015. Coincidence? Probably!)

So, the same thing applies here. I don’t charge a speaker’s fee. If I’m in town, I’ll do it for free. If I’m not in town, I just ask that you cover my travel so I’m not burning money.

Macmillan will probably charge you a speaker’s fee, but I don’t charge one.

(Photo Credit: B.J. Mendelson. All Rights Reserved.)