Are You in Good Hands?

Are You in Good Hands?

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The data collected by tech companies can be appealing. The numbers and statistics provided are easy to measure quickly, and then decisions can be made based off those numbers. But quick data doesn’t necessarily provide a complete picture and basing decisions on those numbers can lead to bad decisions, or decisions that look good in the short run, but are bad in the long term. In today’s episode, I’ll talk more about the bad outcomes that can come from those decisions.

Highlights of today’s episode include:

  • The drawbacks of using data alone, when it doesn’t present a whole picture
  • How law enforcement could use data to make judgements about who they should surveil
  • Former Vice President Dick Cheny’s fears of his pacemaker being hacked
  • The Equifax data breach
  • How stores can collect your data when you connect to their free WiFi
  • How Tesco employees were asked to wear armbands to test how hard they were working

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