Recent TOS Offenders

Recent TOS Offenders

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When companies collect data in creepy ways, there’s often a backlash from media or consumers. When this happens, the company will usually back off, but they will usually try again at a later point once the backlash has died down. Why? Because data is valuable to their advertisers and investors. In this episode, I’ll talk about the ways that companies are incentivized to collect data in creepy ways.

Highlights of Today’s Episode:

  • How Instagram changed their Terms of Service to allow themselves to sell users photos, usernames, and other data, with no compensation to the users
  • How PayPal tried to find a way around telemarketing regulations, by changing their TOS to allow them to spam emails and phone numbers of users
  • How Spotify attempted to change their TOS to allow them to access everything on your device and track your location
  • The pattern of companies backing off when media or consumers call them on their behavior
  • Why it’s not true that tech companies just have a different sense of privacy than their users do

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