The Company That Creeps

The Company That Creeps

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Your data is being collected, sold, and used to create algorithms, improve automation, and craft targeted ads. For the most part, none of this is illegal, but it is unethical. So why aren’t more people upset about it? Why don’t most people take strong steps to ensure their own privacy? In today’s episode, we’ll talk about what that unethical behavior looks like and why it should be the role of state governments to step in and ensure privacy.

Some highlights of today’s episode include:

  • How the Nielsen company stole personal information from a private online forum where users discussed medical issues
  • How anonymity really doesn’t exist on the internet, because of the ease of identifying people with relatively little information
  • How easy it is to accidentally install malware on your computer due to things like fake browser extensions
  • Why even children’s toys are not necessarily safe from being used as spy gear
  • Why the average person currently has little say in or control over how their data is collected and used
  • Why you should advocate for better privacy protections for yourself and for others as well

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