The Social Media Industrial Complex

The Social Media Industrial Complex

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You may be able to change some privacy settings on Facebook and Twitter, but this ultimately gives you little control over who has your data or what they do with your data once they have it. They may share it with a data broker, or collect the information of your contacts in addition to your own information. But why is your data worth so much to these companies?

Internet-based data collection companies have convinced big brands and advertising agencies that they’re better at collecting data and targeting consumers than traditional media outlets. Because so many people accept this belief, there’s big money in internet-collected data. In this episode, I’ll discuss

Highlights of today’s episode include:

Why your data would be more valuable if you explicitly provided permission to collect it in reference to things you have an interest in

The possible good uses for collecting data

The overinflated perception of the value of data

How greed and stupidity lead to the collection of data that companies and governments don’t know how to use

How tech companies have waged misinformation campaigns claiming that data collected from the internet is more valuable than traditional advertising

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