They’re All in on It

They’re All in on It

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Online shopping is often blamed for killing brick and mortar retail. It’s true that a lot of brick and mortar stores are closing. But is online shopping really what’s causing them to struggle? In this episode, I’ll talk about what’s really causing the decline of brick and mortar stores, and how some of them are adopting the practices of tech companies.

Highlights of today’s episode include:

  • Real statistics about online shopping vs. in-person shopping
  • How and why the media contributes to the misconception that online shopping is replacing retail
  • How erosion of the middle class, distribution pipelines, and other factors are contributing to the decline of brick and mortar retail stores
  • Strategies that some stores are using to track and gather data on customers
  • The importance of building relationships that rely on factors other than data to ensure customer loyalty

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