Your Data, But Not Your Choice

Your Data, But Not Your Choice

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It’s not just the data that you purposefully submit to a website that you should be concerned about. The internet is no longer contained just on computers. You’re surrounded by things that are connected to the internet and are capable of collecting and transmitting data, from FitBits to smart refrigerators to internet-enabled cars. In this episode, you’ll learn about how these internet-connected things open up the possibility of even more violations of privacy and more potential for your data to be used against you.

Highlights of today’s episode include:

  • An explanation of the Internet of Things
  • The difference between static and dynamic data
  • Questions about who is storing dynamic data and what they’re doing with it
  • How companies have attempted to correlate your FICO store with the types of friends you have on Facebook
  • The possibility of dynamic data being used to adjust health insurance rates
  • How data collection can lead to poor customer service in the name of saving money
  • How your dynamic data can be used to discriminate against you

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