In addition to the following shows, I’m a frequent guest on many podcasts. You can hear the episodes of shows I appear on over here on the press page.

The End of Privacy (Miniseries)

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In this podcast miniseries, author B.J. Mendelson (Social Media is Bull, St. Martin’s Press) returns to talk about your data. What’s being done with it. Who’s collecting it. And how you’re unwittingly powering a trillion dollar industry without getting compensated for doing so. Mendelson will detail all the ways in which your data is collected and utilized (sometimes for you, and sometimes against), and what actions you can take now to regain some of the control we lost to the tech companies. If you want to learn how to get your privacy back on the Internet, check out this miniseries.

15 Minutes Or Less (Ongoing)

Check it out at 15minutesorless.com

For fans of the independent professional wrestling scene (in other words, non-WWE stuff), B.J. Mendelson is interviewing wrestlers and other members of the indie ecosystem to let you know about what’s going on, what your favorites are up to, and what shows you should check out and support. This show has a special emphasis on women’s wrestling and wrestlers but interviews everyone.

The Jackie and BJ Mystery Show

Coming soon! B.J. Mendelson and Jackie S (co-stars of their comic book, A National Story of Minor Significance) get together to bullshit about anything and everything at completely random intervals.