Just for fun, I wrote this page as an FAQ. Even though I’ve been represented in the past by larger speakers bureaus like Macmillan, all of my presentations since 2014 have been booked through me directly.

I’d like to think that happens because my audience feels a closer connection with me than most speakers and authors. So, for that reason, I’ve put everything you need to know on this page about having me speak at your next event. Then, all you have to do is get in touch by emailing me at bj@bjmendelson.com.

Why Should I Book You?

Because I’m a funny author who takes boring and impenetrable topics and makes them entertaining. Pick up any book on privacy and your data, and then pick up my privacy book.

You’ll see what I mean.

Since 2012 I’ve traveled all over the world, received standing ovations, and spoke in front of crowds of all sizes. Everyone leaves feeling happy, entertained, and more knowledgeable than they were before about the Internet, the ramifications of where our obsession with technology is taking us, and how to promote yourself (or your business/organization) in a world populated by irrational people and robots.


What Qualifies You To Be a Speaker?

I’ve written three books, including the best-seller “Social Media is Bullshit” from St. Martin’s Press, and “Privacy: And How We Get It Back” from Curious Reads. I’m currently working on a new self-help comic book called “A National Story of Minor Significance.”


Do You Have Something To Sell?


I’m not a consultant. If you want a free .pdf copy of my books or comics, just ask me.

I do public speaking because I love it, I’m good at it, and it pays the bills.

Where Have You Presented Before?

Colleges: UAlbany, University at Buffalo, Marist College, St. John’s University, SUNY Potsdam, Columbia College, Columbia University, Alfred State College, Illinois State University, Bradley University, and NYU.

Conferences: National Automotive Dealers Association (NADA) Convention & Expo, Social Media Explore: Portland, AllTwitter Marketing Conference, the Word Of Mouth Marketing Summit, the National College Media Association Summit, the Associate Collegiate Press Conference: San Francisco, Social Media Week: Chicago, CBCCon, The Do Lectures (U.K.)**, Digital Dealer, R.O.A.D. in Moscow, The National Association of Government Communicators, and South By Southwest Interactive.

Other Exciting Places: Subaru North America, Florida SuperCon, #AmtrakLive, and The United Nations.

**This is the one I almost died at that I talk about in a lot of interviews.

What Do You Speak About?

Basically whatever my books are about. Privacy. Your Data. Social Media. Marketing. Self-Help. The history of the Web and Internet post-1994.

Do You Charge a Speaker’s Fee?

I do! Contact me for details.


What Do People Think About Your Presentations?


B.J. Mendelson and I locked horns in a debate over whether or not social media is, indeed, bullshit at Explore Portland in late 2012. The audience was shocked … because they learned so much and gained new perspective about the ins and outs of social media. B.J. brought a much needed perspective — that of the non-cheerleader — to an event full of ardent social media believers. While none turned away disbelievers, we all left with a better perspective of how and when social media marketing can be useful for businesses.

-Jason Falls, social media marketer and author

As a store, we were very excited with the energy and exchange between author and audience that took place during Mendelson’s talk. Social media is a topic on a lot of small business owners’ minds, and Mendelson’s personal experience and advice sparked what was by far our most exciting author Q&A to date. Those present were shocked to discover how much of the time and energy they have invested in social media has most likely been for naught, and many had questions on what strategies make a real impact. Overall, Mendelson’s intriguing topic was a huge hit with our patrons and his personal touch, an offer of individual correspondence, left the audience feeling they had someone they could honestly turn to with their further concerns and ideas. “

-Kari Meutsch, Phoenix Books in Burlington, Vermont


“Recently I had the distinct pleasure of having BJ Mendelson speak with my graduate class at Columbia College Chicago. The presentation, and open discussion, centered around social media and viral advertising. The lecture provided invaluable information for the students and changed their minds about the best way to use social media and video channels. My students have requested he come speak again as soon as time permits. BJ provides honesty, transparency, and rich case studies to outline his case for the proper use of social media. I am looking forward to future works from BJ and regard him as a leader within the digital marketing space.”


-Alton J. Duderstadt II, Columbia College (Chicago)


It was terrific to have Brandon speak to my Columbia Journalism School Social Media Skills course. His direct, provocative, sometimes counter-intuitive comments – all built on research and expertise – were widely welcomed and commented upon by my students. I look forward to welcome him back several times in the next few years.

-Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia University


“BJ added a lot of color to our SXSW 2013 panel, which was a debate about whether marketing is B.S. BJ was a straight shooter, providing a unique voice amongst the other panelists who all represented specific brands and agencies. BJ knew his material, cited facts, and wasn’t afraid to question the other panelists, which was important for the debate.”

– Matt Rozen, group manager corporate social media at Adobe


“While attending the Associated Collegiate Press Convention in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to hear Brandon Mendelson’s “People are Idiots” speech. His speech focused less on being a speech and more on being an interactive learning experience. It was really more of a seminar where audience members shared personal student newsroom struggles and then received advice and instruction from Mendelson. I not only enjoyed his speech, but I gained a lot of helpful advice from his answers to audience member questions. Mendelson made clear that learning how to work with the idiots in life is a necessity. He gave clear points for how to properly address issues brought on by the idiots of the work room, how to keep your cool and how to handle the wide range of idiots. Whether dealing with disrespectful think-they-know-it-alls or lazy co-editors, Mendelson’s “People are Idiots” speech provides laughs and more importantly direction for handling the “you know who” of your work environment.”


-Mackenzie Foster, student at Vanguard University of Southern California


“We were very excited to have Brandon as our guest speaker. His event was very insightful into one of the most popular “buzz words” in modern marketing. Brandon offered a different perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of social media and the impact it has on our lives and on business. Our members were able to learn something new about something we all use every day! Brandon did a fantastic job by engaging the students and providing very thoughtful answers.”


-Boryana Yordanova, President, St. John’s University Marketing Club


As an expert on viral marketing, B.J. Mendelson knows how social media works and for whom it works. But more importantly, he knows why it won’t work for you. B.J.’s candid delivery cut through the bullshit to provide us with the truth about where we should really be putting our marketing dollars. It just adds to his credibility that B.J. wasn’t trying to sell us anything – his discussion was refreshingly void of a sales pitch for his book. This guy’s the real deal!


-Joseph Avellino, Student, St. John’s University


I want to thank B.J. Mendelson for his reasoned, balanced and very professional approach to social media at the recent Westfair Communications debate on social media. It was clear that B.J.’s message resonated with a majority of the audience; many of them made that very clear after the program. He helped present one of the most successful events we have hosted to date.


-Dee Delbello, CEO and Publisher, Westfair Communications


Brandon Mendelson takes a karate chop to social media hype and offers a revealing analysis of what truly drives viral adoption of memes and media. Brandon is engaging, incredibly informative, and knows his stuff. My students and I were impressed with his depth of knowledge and ability to cut through the crap. None of us will look at companies like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in the same light, complicit, as they are, in claiming that anyone can achieve stardom as long as they have the right idea. What Brandon shows is that there’s usually a lot of money and marketing muscle behind all the viral hits we see. It’s not fair, but it’s the way it is. “


-Adam L. Peneberg, instructor at NYU


In March of 2013, Brandon came ‘home’ to Alfred State College and was able to fit in time to speak to our students.  The room was packed and the students were not disappointed.  Brandon’s no-nonsense, personable delivery along with his wit and sense of humor created a memorable presentation.  He has a presentation style that makes you want to listen and he couples that with real-world experience and evidence for a quality presentation.  I can’t wait to read his next book!”

– Professor William Laubert, Alfred State College


BJ was one of a dozen media professionals – which included editors of major publications and Pulitzer Prize winners – who met in small groups of select college journalists at the ACP Spring College Media Convention in San Francisco in March. BJ was the social media pro who counseled students about both their careers and their current social media practices. This first-ever event proved so popular, it ran way past its scheduled ending time.


-Michael Koretzky, Associated Collegiate Press Media+


Anything Else I Should Know?

Nah. This is the big stuff. If you want to book me, email me at bj@bjmendelson.com