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BJ Mendelson's copy of Marvel Team-up #131, which features the debut of the White Rabbit. On this page you'll find a copy of BJ's White Rabbit TV Pilot

I wrote my last book, at least for the next ten years, in late 2021. It’s a revised edition of my cult classic, “Social Media Is Bullshit”, which St. Martin’s Press put out in 2012. You’ll be able to purchase it in the not too distant future.

Now that the book-writing phase of my career is over, I want to try something else.

In 2001, I said I was going to write and have a book published by a major publisher. And in 2011, I signed a book deal with St. Martin’s Press. Proving yet again that it really does take ten years to become an overnight success.

Now, I want to write for television, because television, like the city of Schenectady did a hundred years ago, lights and moves the world.

So this time, for 2032, I want to be like Dan Harmon, or a less talented Shonda Rhimes. (Because if anyone has even a tenth of Shonda’s talent, that would still make them pretty successful.)

Put another way, this is my goal for the next ten years:

By 2032, I want to be a co-creator for a funny TV show that people enjoy.

You’re probably wondering why I tell you all this. Well you see, I have to write five completely original TV scripts a year. And I just hate letting good content go to waste. So, I thought I’d post the scripts here for you to enjoy.

As I finish a new script, I’ll post them up here on this page.

2021 Television Scripts

Spec Script: American Dad (Finished!)

Original: A Little Perspective (Finished!) (Live action, mixed media, dramedy, limited series)

Original: Spider-Man: White Rabbit* (Finished!) (Animation, comedy, limited series)

2022 Television scripts

Coming soon!