TV Scripts

In 2001, I said I was going to write and have a book published by a major publisher. And in 2011, I signed a book deal with St. Martin’s Press. Proving yet again that it really does take ten years to become an overnight success.

Now, I want to write for television, because television, like the city of Schenectady did a hundred years ago, lights and moves the world.

So this time, for 2032, I want to be like Dan Harmon, or a less talented Shonda Rhimes. (Because if anyone has even a tenth of Shonda’s talent, that would make them pretty successful.)

Put another way, this is my goal for the next ten years:

By 2032, I want to be a co-creator for a funny TV show that people enjoy.

Why am I telling you? Well you see, I have to write five completely original TV scripts a year. And I just hate letting good content go to waste. So, I thought I’d post the scripts here for you to enjoy.

As I finish a new script, I’ll post them up here on this page.

2021 Television Scripts

Spec Script: American Dad (Finished!)

Original: A Little Perspective (Finished!) (Live action, mixed media, dramedy, limited series)

Original: Spider-Man: White Rabbit* (Finished!) (Animation, comedy, limited series)

2022 Television scripts

Coming soon!