Goal: Get Staffed on a TV Show in 2022

Last update: 11.18.21

I’ve always wanted to write for television. The problem was, I was always busy. Sometimes writing non-fiction books. Other times doing my (old) day job as a high priced marketing consultant.

These days, I FINALLY have some time to do what I want. So I set the goal of getting staffed on a television show this time next year (June 2022) as a writer.

In order to do that, I wanted to put together five scripts between now and the end of December.

Four originals, and one spec script. I’ll link to the scripts below as I finish them.

I have no idea if I’ll reach my goal or not, but on the plus side? You’ll have some fun stuff to read from me.

TV Scripts

Spec Script: American Dad (Finished!)

Original: A Little Perspective (Finished!) (Live action, mixed media, dramedy, limited series)

Original: Spider-Man: White Rabbit* (Finished!) (Animation, comedy, limited series)

Original: Title TBD (up next) (live action, multi-cam comedy)

Original: Pitfall (up next) (animation, comedy)

*This is sort of an original. It involves all the Spider-Man characters and is set in the Marvel Universe. So it’s an original script, but it’s using characters I don’t own.

And just for fun… I’ll be adding the story boards based on the White Rabbit script for you to enjoy.

Want to read B.J. Mendelson’s She-Hulk?

(New Pages added every month. Last update: November 25th, 2021)


Want to read my pitch comic for a Marvel Max She-Hulk series? Of course, you do!

I will post finished comic pages by Francis Trebuxet as they come in.

Special thanks to Stephanie Cooke, author of the graphic novel “Oh My Gods!” for her editing on this pitch comic.

Since this is NOT an official Marvel comic, the comic will only ever be available here on this page.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at BJ@BJMendelson.com.

And if you want more She-Hulk content from me, visit SheHulkExpert.com.

She-Hulk: From Savage to Sensational Issue #1 cover by Francis Trebuxet

She Hulk: From Savage to Sensational

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