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Consider this:

1. In a world where we know everyone has a smartphone and chooses to browse mostly within their apps (FB, IG, YT, ect.) only searching the Web (increasingly by voice!) for when they need something immediate …

2. AND most of the traffic / activity on the Web, mobile and desktop, is fake … What is the purpose of a traditional website? Something that is very much a product of the ’90s Internet user experience.

3. If the economic model for writers is terrible (it is!), and Google / Facebook dominate 59% of the online advertising market, meaning no advertising money for you on your website, why are you giving your stuff away for free? For content marketing and SEO? I don’t know. Maybe for a brand, sure, but for an individual? I don’t think so.

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about what to put here. Especially since so much of my work can be found on other places. For example:

Comixology! (My Comics!)

Amazon! (My Books!) (Also on Audible!)

*Note: If you would like a FREE .pdf copy of “Social Media Is Bullshit”, just send me an email.

-My jokes and comic book stuff? Twitter. In fact, I pretty much use Twitter every day. It replaced (free) blogging for me a while back.

Currently, I’m finishing my second ghostwritten book for someone, so I haven’t had time to figure out what to do with this place. But I will.

Did you know for YEARS George R.R. Martin just used Live Journal? That changed recently in 2018, but until then, he was using LIVE JOURNAL for a personal website. LIVE JOURNAL!

So, until I come back to this website, if you need to find me, I’m over on Twitter every day at @BJMendelson or by email at

P.S. I also post to Instagram, but I treat that account a bit differently. I’m not trying to build a brand on there. It’s a personal account that I’m leaving open for people to follow.