Author. Speaker. Former Mall Santa.


I created audience development strategies for entertainment and media companies, consumer brands, technology businesses, and nonprofits, including Verizon, Amtrak, and NBC. My multiplatform expertise in content, research, social media, marketing, and events elevates brand awareness, engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

Earlier in my career, I played a key role in company and industry firsts in audience development, earning the “Mr. Viral” moniker with early successes. In 2012, I shared these experiences in my book; Social Media Is Bullshit (St. Martin’s Press), giving companies an inside look at how social media can, and can’t, build a business. That book was translated into Russian, Spanish, Polish, and Chinese editions.

In 2018, my second book, “Privacy: And How We Get It Back” was published in multiple formats, including a popular audio edition, narrated by Roger Wayne. Wayne previously narrated the worldwide smash hit, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.”

Speaking of audio, I was also part of the marketing team which helped launch Orphan Black: The Next Chapter from While working with Realm I helped coordinate marketing and PR efforts for Marvel’s JESSICA JONES: PLAYING WITH FIRE, THOR: METAL GODS, and BLACK WIDOW: BAD BLOOD.

I have launched and managed national tours to raise awareness for breast cancer and wounded warrior support organizations. I created and executed a social media campaign that successfully moved a public-access television series to nationwide syndication on ABC. And before COVID, I was a frequent guest speaker at conferences worldwide, including the National Automotive Dealership Association, the DO Lectures, and SXSW.

A chronic illness keeps me from traveling and speaking engagements as long as the pandemic continues. So I got into podcasting and email newsletters.

Today, I write a weekly newsletter called Mendelson On Marketing, where I teach Creators about how to grow their audience, manage their privacy, and make more money. And I also host the popular podcast, What Are You Working On? which is better known as WAYWO.TV.


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